More Lucha Libre

This year, expect some Mexican wrestlers to once again face Montreal’s own! In the first ever edition of the Mercado del Taco, flying in from Mexico the luchadores PSICOSIS and ARGENIS brought an authentic style of wrestling to the event. Facing Montreal’s own turned the festival into a show down, bringing joy to all spectators! This is why we are once again inviting Mexican wrestlers to participate in the Mercado del Taco!

More Mexican Chefs and Restaurant

Chef Adrian Herrera and Chef Juan Emilio Villaseñor flew in from Mexico last year to share with us their delicious food! They cooked alongside all the participating restaurants who were competing for the Montreal’s Taco of the Year title! On the menu for this year’s festival are of course the delicious food of Montreal’s best Taquerias as they compete once again for the title! Additionally, we will once again be inviting celebrity chefs from Mexico to share their cooking genius with us all!

More of everything…

Having had a guest attendance revolving around 2500 people, we will be expanding the site of the Festival in order to welcome MORE restaurants, MORE people and MORE fun! There will also be and Oyster Bar, Churros and traditional Mexican beverages such as Margaritas and Banderas! In order to facilitate the on-site traffic, less waiting and less lines, we are developing a new system.

If you are a food lover who is opened to experiencing new things with friends and family members, we invite you to join the festivities on September 8th 2019!

Bring your kids for a day of fun like no other! This year, there will be a kids’ area where more games will be made available to them!

Additionally, this year will once again have a student discount on the tickets!

We invite all age groups to come experience authentic Mexican food with entertainment like no other! Save the date, September 8th 2019 will present the second edition of the Mercado del Taco!